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News > There is a broad business space for activists of the area of energy consumption optimization

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Vatankhah on a Meeting for Knowledge-based and Energy Service Companies:

There is a broad business space for activists of the area of energy consumption optimization

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sirous Vatankhah Moghadam emphasized the importance of energy optimization in the joint meeting of knowledge-based and energy service companies, asserting: therefore, the high-level documents have paid especial attention to the relevant regulations and policies. In addition, the concept of use of energy in the energy strategic document is expressed as one of the main challenges of this field. Development of Relationship between Knowledge-based and Energy Service Companies He also expressed: more than 30% of energy of the country is used in houses, which can be decreased by presenting proper solutions by these companies. Vatankhah pointed out the formation of startups in the energy area, asserting: currently, some government limitations have been solved by startups, continuation of which can reduce the problems of this field. In fact, entrance of new solutions and models and startups to the energy area and cooperation of knowledge-based and energy service companies is promising and could solve many problems. Support of Development of Technological and Innovative Businesses During this meeting, Amir Hossein Mir Abadi, secretary of the meeting, talked about the objectives of the meeting, which was recognizing the challenges of knowledge-based companies and creating synergy to develop activities in the area of energy optimization. Moreover, Seyed Mohammad Sahebkar Khorasani, head of the center of knowledge-based companies and institutes, provided some explanations about the evaluation of companies and support of knowledge-based enterprises. Support of Non-Knowledge-Based Companies In another section of the meeting, Mahmoud Ghasa’, one of the managers of Iranian national science foundation, described the supports provided by the foundation. In this meeting, a specialized panel with the topics of “introducing the business environment”, “expressing executive experiences of energy service contracts, “social issues of energy services in the country” and “role of the Vice-Presidency in development of these businesses” was held. The joint meeting of knowledge-based and energy services companies was held with the goals of recognizing cooperation fields and evaluating the challenges of the area with the cooperation of energy technologies development headquarter.

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