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Energy Efficiency & Environment

Energy  Efficiency and Environment:


Energy Efficiency is an assurance for a secure, safe, endurable and sustainable energy system, and also the fastest and most affordable solution to confront security, environmental challenges. Energy Efficiency technologies are in place across the entire energy conversion chain from supply and transformation to final consumption, including the exploration and production of the primary energy resources, power generation, oil and gas refinement, power grids, etc.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are two inseparable parts of a sustainable energy system. However, the policies regarding energy efficiency, optimization and reduction of the country energy intensity has been noticed within the key policies of the energy macro policies that were presented by the revolution’s leader; resistive economy policies, consumption patterns’ policies, national document of energy, etc., but there exists numerous potentialities in this sector needed to be noted and implemented.

This council, according to the country’s policies and its mission, seeks to develop technologies of this sector through new, startup-based and transformative approaches, by mobilizing the capacity of knowledge-based companies.

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