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Energy Technology Development Council:

As a result of the national preeminent documents and the mission of Vice- Presidency for Science and Technology, the necessity of accelerating the processes and having a comprehensive perspective toward the fields of technology that correspond to the country's comprehensive scientific plan and to enhance the contextual alignment and integrating councils of the energy sector, the Energy Technology Development Council was established on September 2017, through integrating the “Oil, Gas and Coal Technology Development and Innovation Council", "Renewable Energy Technology Council" and "Energy Efficiency & Environmental Council".

The mission of this council is to facilitate and accelerate developing the science, technology and innovation ecosystem in the energy sector of the country in line with developing the knowledge-based economy in this regard. The ETDC seeks to implement six approved submissions and takes action in the following fields:

  - Supporting the achievement of the scientific superiority of the country

  - Promotion and expansion of science, technology and entrepreneurship culture

  - Facilitating international technological cooperation

  - Developing important technologies based on the country requirements

  - Accelerating knowledge-based businesses

  - Developing knowledge-based products market and commercialization

According to the specifications of the country's energy sector, developing the marketplace for knowledge-based products and the important technologies based on the country's needs in the energy sector are considered as the high priority goals of the ETDC. The Scope of this council's activities includes oil, gas, coal, energy efficiency and environment, renewable energies, and power sector.

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