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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas:

Iran, having a great potential in renewable energy, oil, gas and coal, among the resource-rich countries is energy land indeed. Oil and gas industry is one of the most important industries in Iran that involves the processes of exploration, extraction, refinement, transfer and marketing of gas and oil products. This industry is categorized into 3 sections of Upstream, Downstream and Midstream.

The oil and gas industry influences all economic, political, cultural and social aspects of our country and the oil revenues have significant effect on the short-term and long-term economic growth.  Moreover, optimal utilization of oil, gas and coal resources depends on increase in technological and innovational capabilities in the equipment used in this industry. Development of the technological science in the oil industry, not only can respond to the needs of the country in the field of oil production, but also can eliminate country’s dependence upon crude oil and gas sales. Additionally, despite the challenges facing in recent years, such as environmental issues, coal accounts for 40% of the global power generation and is one of the most important global energy resources.

Therefore, this deputy of the ETDC was established with the main mission of cooperation in the policy making, regulation, facilitating and providing services for technology development in oil and gas sector.

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